We offer clients in Kitsap county relaxation, pain management, prenatal support, stress reduction... and even improved sleep patterns.

We're a Massage Therapy Studio based in downtown Bremerton, Washington.

About us

There is an inseparable connection between the mind and body. Just two facets of a complex, unified being.

Massage is your time for recovery. Regrouping. Before you drift back into your personal life. Massage can’t change the external factors that create tension and pain. But it can help you slowly shift, heal and recalibrate. Giving your body and yourself a fresh start. 

Our goal is to address the issues that you're experiencing right now...
and help you feel better. 

An hour spent de-stressing, relaxing, and relieving muscular soreness will benefit you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We provide a unique combination of products and personalized modalities, including soothing Swedish strokes, deep tissue techniques, injury treatment, pregnancy support, myofascial release and cupping - the combinations are endless. 

Our style

The beauty of a career in massage is the infinite possibilities of people, places, and modalities to experience. I’ve enjoyed working in a clinical setting, honing my injury treatment skills, combining relaxation with treatment techniques at local spas and providing clients with the opportunity to relax and unwind within the comfort of their own home.

I was inspired by my clients, while working at a womens day spa, to pursue the dream of creating my own business. There truly is magic in providing space where women can let their guard down. Working alongside some amazing friends and colleagues has brought me to this point. Salt & Sage has become a place to let people be present with their body and experience peace and calm.

Taryn Proudsworth


Declutterling my life, Mastiffs, beets, letting go of limiting beliefs, Ted Lasso and cycle-syncing (IYKYK)

Letting the past ruin the present, my dogs eating my shoes, trying to do it all myself, kale

massage therapist: MA60172520


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our mission

Our vision is to improve the health and wellness of our community. We strive to create and spread such positive energy that people can’t help but pass it along.