Essentials Massage

Let us know where your pain is located, the intensity and when/how long it's been affecting you. 

Pain Relief


Let us know how you are using your body regularly and what parts of your body are affected. 

Decrease Tension

Engaging your nervous system with massage helps decrease heart rate, promote enhanced mood and lower blood pressure.    

Lower Stress

If you are looking for specific treatment work, we can do that. If you like heavy pressure, don’t worry, we’ve got elbows. 

There’s a balance. 

Everyone requires a different blend of our skills and we love getting to know each individual. 

It is important to understand that it is possible to get an effective massage treatment without causing harm or damaging the tissue. Which can feel good in the moment, but ultimately does more harm than good. 

“Not everything that hurts is therapeutic, but not every therapeutic procedure is painless.”

This is true for massage. We might suggest working on something that could be intense. If you don’t need to be stretched to your limit on a particular day, just say so. Your personal preference is the most important factor in how we determine our treatment. 

Remember, we are here to help facilitate your relaxation and healing. All we ask is that you kindly trust us enough to share goals, expectations and preferences, so you can leave our studio in state of complete bliss. 

Prices starting at $95

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