Massage Improves Sleep Quality


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Massage is a smart, healthy and drug free option that has helped many people overcome insomnia.  

Salty & Sage Advice

Welcome to the BLog

Offering insight into our experience and approach to bodywork and perspective on how massage can provide clarity, balance and a good mood.

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What Is Fascia? Why Does It Matters?


Think of the body like an onion. We have to start with the outer layers before we can access the deeper tissue. 

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The Salt & Sage Story

Just For Fun

Opening a business on Bay Street definitely feels like the beginning of a Hallmark movie.

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Chronic Tension: The Pain You’re Ignoring


Our goal is to reduce pain by easing tension and tightness.

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What Clients Should Know Before Their Massage


Here’s some tips to help you get the massage you’re looking for and feel comfortable asking for it. After all it is your massage.