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May 1, 2022

Guiding you to discover ways to live and feel better, whether through the therapeutic touch of massage or valuable advice to elevate your self-care routine.

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Chronic Tension:
The Pain You're Ignoring

There's Magic in the Silence

What is Fascia?
Why Does it Matter?

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Opening a business on Bay Street definitely feels like the beginning of a hallmark movie.

The camera slowly zooms in on a blush pink door, Taryn is walking up holding her usual cup of coffee. As she unlocks the door, she looks up at the hanging signs and remembers…<flashback starts>

She sitting on the bench across the street, looking at the new office and dreaming up ways to make clients comfortable in this new space.

<Redecorating the office montage begins> showing us laying flooring, painting the walls ten times and finally hanging pictures on the walls. (Taylor Swift tunes in the background)

Okay, back to reality.

It sounds cheesy to say, but the truth is that this really does feel like a dream come true. Creating a space that is so comfy to work in, where our clients can feel at home is the dream. Lots of blood, sweat and beers went into this process and we are extremely grateful to our loved ones who’ve supported us.

The changing environment in the downtown area of Port Orchard is an exciting place to be.

And the best part is, we get to meet our clients on our own terms. We are proud of what we’ve created and love this career in a way that is far more satisfying than it has ever been.

We just can’t contain our excitement! In this blog, we hope to enlighten and entertain you with the things we’ve learned and experienced from a career in massage therapy. Our hope is to reach those who will benefit most from our services.

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