Preparing For Prenatal Massage

June 13, 2022

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Answers to the most common questions women have before they book a prenatal massage.

How are your MTs trained in prenatal massage?

Our therapists have taken certification programs that teach them not only how to adapt a massage for safety, but how to design the massage from the beginning to address the most common pregnancy concerns. All of our therapists are WA State certified with additional advanced certification in pre and perinatal massage with industry leaders. 

Do you have special pillows? Do I lie facedown?

Your Massage Therapist will determine the best positioning for you after a consultation prior to treatment. We want and need you to be comfortable in your massage — if you can’t get comfortable, you won’t relax. There are many options out there. We have chosen to offer side-lying massage and semi-recumbent, supported with traditional bed pillows and specialized positioning pillows.

Is first trimester massage allowed?

Yes! In fact all the scientific evidence suggests that massage does nothing but support pregnancy. However, not all massage therapists have enough training and experience to work comfortably with women in those first few months. If you are not sure, have a history of miscarriage or are a high risk pregnancy, call your doctor/ midwife and get their opinion too.

Is Deep Tissue massage safe in pregnancy?

If you are experiencing muscle tension and hoping the massage will address it, we understand you could be disappointed by the lighter prenatal massage that is very common at many spas. Not to worry. We are properly trained and will deliver that much needed pressure and muscle work for you.

We have a compilation of local resources on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding for your convenience.

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