The Sunday Reset

January 1, 2024

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As Sunday evening approaches, a subtle sense of apprehension creeps in, signaling the impending return to the workweek on Monday—a feeling referred to as having a classic case of the Mondays. But what if I told you there’s a transformative practice that turns a potentially dreaded day into one eagerly anticipated each week? I’m excited to share with you my recent discovery, the Sunday Reset, which has inspired me to take self-care to a whole new level.

In fact, I’m so thrilled about the benefits of the Sunday Reset that I’ve decided to open a self-care shop to complement my current massage business. Imagine curating your own self-care routine with carefully selected items, all conveniently bundled into a box to kickstart your journey towards a more rejuvenated and focused you. The first curated box? It’s aptly named the Sunday Reset.

Allow me to take you through the essence of the Sunday Reset routine and how it can transform your Sunday into a day of intentional self-care, setting the tone for a refreshed and focused week ahead:

1. Preparation for the Week Ahead: On Saturday night, take the proactive step of ordering all the groceries you’ll need for the upcoming week and schedule a convenient pickup time for the next day. Consider planning a night where you prepare a meal you love, creating an anticipation that extends beyond the next day.

2. Home Reset: As soon as you wake up on Sunday, make your bed, strip the bed linens, and throw them into the wash, along with your work clothes. Ensure a clean slate for the week by tackling all the dishes and giving your counters a thorough wipe-down.

3. Indulgent Self-Care Rituals: Now, it’s time for the indulgent part of the routine. Put away the groceries, fold the laundry, and replace the bed linens with fresh ones. Then, immerse yourself in a relaxing tub with aromatic bath salts, treating your face and eyes to rejuvenating masks. An invigorating exfoliating scrub is a must, and on occasion, you might even take the time to shave your legs. Add an amazing playlist and an iced-cold drink to complete the experience.

4. Refresh and Rejuvenate: Following up bath time with a quick shower to rinse and wash your hair is essential. Then, a nice relaxing blowout gives you a fresh start for styling in the morning.

This intentional self-care not only rejuvenates me but also sets the tone for a refreshed and focused week ahead, ensuring that when I finally crawl into my fresh bed, I’m enveloped in the amazing feeling of comfort, ready for an unparalleled night’s sleep that leaves me energized and fully prepared for the challenges and joys the week may bring.

And now, with the launch of my self-care shop, you can embark on your own Sunday Reset journey by exploring curated boxes designed to enhance your self-care routine. Stay tuned for the debut of the first box, the Sunday Reset, and get ready to embrace the week ahead with a newfound sense of energy and positivity.

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